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Full Auto Production Duct Coil Line V


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  • Full Auto Production Duct Coil Line V is one of the Flagship product in the past few year, with linear structure, production time can reduce to thirty sec/piece. 

    This line is mainly being used to complete the TDF flange/Right-angle flange former (For Angle-iron Flange) or Drive cleat (optional).

    Uncoiling, Straightening, Beading, Notching, Slitting, Pittsburgh lock forming, TDF flange forming, Angle-iron flange forming and Auto folding, all process will be finished just by input the dimensions of the duct from the HMI panel.

    This production line is easy of operation, stable performance and precise cutting.

    Basic configuration:

    1. Two sets of twin-motor driven dual-decoilers (Maximum capacity of 6-ton per station)

    2. Straightener unit with Beader 

    3. Punch tie rod hole for duct bracing (Optional)

    4. Four hydraulic notching die

    5. Movable Pittsburgh lock former

    6. Belt-conveyer

    7. Duplex right-angle flange former (For Angle-iron Flange) (Double Seam for optional)

    8. Duplex TDF flange former

    9. Servo conveyer with TDF hydraulic folder


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